Update on DR Horton Project

D R Horton Project Description

D R Horton has applied for a Major Development Order (“MDO”) for a PUD containing 138 residential units in 46 triplexes and an additional Commercial tract. The subject 36.6-acre tract is located south of 30A, west of The Retreat Drive and bordering the Draper Coastal Dune Lake.

This project will have a negative impact to 30A’s quality of life as it is inconsistent with the character of the local area and other developments in the area.

If this development is approved as requested, the whole concept of 30A being a scenic road will be severely impacted.

Walton County Planning Department Review of Application

 The Walton County Planning Department has reviewed D R Horton’s MDO application and found three pages of discrepancies from the Walton County Comp Plan and Development Code. A few of the key items are summarized below:

  • The project does not qualify as a PUD as it does not meet Comprehensive Plan requirements for “Innovative Design” that includes a unique design feature adopted to promote compatibility with adjacent residential
  • The application does not contain enough detail to evaluate code compliance.
  • The proposal requests several unacceptable deviations from development standards, such as zero building setbacks and other reductions in setbacks from the Walton County Development Code.
  • The proposed development does not meet the 30A Scenic Corridor guidelines.

Forest Lakes HOA Position

Forest Lakes opposes D R Horton’s application for the Draper Lake Development and strongly urges Walton County not to make any concessions or consider any variances to the applicable Development Code and/or Comp Plan in reviewing and/or considering this project. 

For more detailed information on this proposed development,   Click here to access the South Walton Community Council link of Draper Lake PU

There are three key permitting hurdles D R Horton needs to clear before the project is permitted. 

In sequential order - Technical Review Committee, Planning Commission Meeting and finally the Board of County Commissioners meeting. 

You are also encouraged to send an email expressing your opposition to our District 5 Commissioner, Tony Anderson at

[email protected]  and copy the Head of Planning, Mac Carpenter, at [email protected]

Thank for your support.
Bob Elberfeld [email protected]