Welcome to Forest Lakes!

There's something about the way the roads seem as if they've always been there, part of nature. It's something in the way the lakes are still and smooth like glass at sunset. It's in the fresh gulf air, and the uninhibited laughter of children echoing in the towering pines.

I've always been waiting to find this place. Or did it find me?

Forest Lakes is Home.

Trash Pickup
Waste Management Trash pick up days are Mondays and Thursdays

Wildlife Information
We live in a beautiful natural community and that means that we share our neighborhood with wildlife.  Unfortunately we have had some recent incidents with the local bear population and need to be aware of our surroundings.  Please secure your trash cans and only place your trash out at the street on the morning of trash pick up days. For additional information visit: MyFWC.com/Bears

Need a bear resistant trash container?  Some options are listed in pdf in the documents section.